IngredientsWHY OATS

Oat were used widely by British and Irish distillers through the 1800s, along with other cereals, to soften and sweeten spirits such as Poitín and pot distilled whisk(e)y.

Renowned for creating a creamy rich mouthfeel , oats fell out of favour due to their relatively poor yielding crop (therefore higher cost) and difficulty to work with in anything other than the most expert of distilling hands.

By trial-distilling Scottish oats (for rich creamy mouthfeel) along with English wheat (for lightness and sweetness) and a small amount of Scottish Rye (for a touch of spice), our unique triple-grain recipe has resulted in a vodka that is designed to be sipped and savoured in premium drinks, either a classic Dry Martini with a lemon twist or simply on the rocks with lemon and a splash of tonic water.


In our opinion, a premium crafted vodka should have flavour and purity in equal measure.

While our oats deliver the creamy, sweet flavour of Brochan Oat Vodka, our water provides the purity.

The water we add to our distillate is sourced from a particular mountain spring high up in the Cairngorm mountains.

Its low pH and mineral content makes it a superior tasting water which, added to our Oat Vodka, delivers an exquisitely elegant drink.

The water is so soft and pure that a whole Spa town was built around it.

The combination of natural flavour and purity means that, uncommonly for vodka, we do not extra-filter our spirit, nor do we de-mineralise our water. We also bottle at 43% alc/vol, premium strength, because the smooth character balances the stronger alcohol.

We keep things traditional, in the way it would have been made by early 19th century distillers, holding in all the natural character of the rich oats and soft water.

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